The styles of dinnerware

Incorporating a personal touch into your cobalt blue hand painted large dinner set is simple. They come in a wide range of designs ranging from casual to stylish and a whole lot in between. The more formal dinnerware sets are usually made from china or porcelain or stoneware. Earthenware and melamine these make great casual dinnerware sets. It is best to select durable dinnerware sets for your everyday use, a shatter-resistant set would be ideal for youngsters and outdoor parties, and finer materials for the more stylish dinner parties and formal gatherings. It’s a good idea to have one set for your everyday use and other sets especially for holidays and those special occasions.

Now that we know what styles of dinnerware are available, it’s time to go beyond formal and casual designs. We can further divide dinnerware sets into four style categories: hand painted, patterned, solid, banded. A great way to express your personality and complement your home décor is to use colours and patterns. Choosing a neutral such as white or ivory is the most versatile of formal dinnerware sets.

Choosing a dinnerware set with a nice border or rim detail will add colour and persona while still showcasing the meal itself. For the more informal dinner plates, why not make a splash with the colours and patterns that attract you. Be adventurous. Consider going with pieces that are classic or traditional instead of trend-driven. If you are purchasing for longevity, solid or banded white pieces are timeless, versatile options. They make an elegant base when you wish to add more colourful accent pieces to your table, and they also enhance the look of the meal.